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Finely crafted handmade jewelry and glassworks

We produce one of a kind designs using unique materials that make our pieces stand out.

Eileen Schnog

Eileen is a jewelry artist and started her art career in 1965 at the Anvil School of Art in Pennsylvania. She worked primarily as a canvas artist.

In 1995 she became interested in metal art. She studied metalsmithing at a college level for 2 years, then subsequently studied under a number of prestigious metalsmiths including the well-known Tim McCreight. She was the first certified PMC instructor in Arizona.

Eileen now creates jewelry that is organic and textural, with a muted palate that is subtly feminine. Not only does she use silver and gold in her creations but also works with titanium and niobium. She gains inspiration from visiting museums and galleries and will also use organic material from her garden as a casting template.

Eileen’s jewelry is exciting and elegant with a touch of whimsy. There is a constant stream of new designs flowing from her studio.

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Rene Schnog

René is a glass fusion artist and discovered his love of art at an early age. His father and uncle were world renowned artists.

René graduated from Philadelphia’s prestigious Hussian School of Art. After graduating he worked as a graphic artist and went on to become the art director of a large printing company.

He advanced his art studies to include sculpture, photography and glass. He has now found a true love in fused glass.

His goal is to make beautiful and functional glass art that can be enjoyed. He takes inspiration from nature, combining those qualities with his graphic art background.

See René's glass creations.

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Art Exibits and places to see our creations

René and Eileen are members of the Sonoran Arts League which holds a yearly arts event called Hidden In The Hills. The mission of the Hidden In The Hills Artist Studio Tour is to provide an opportunity for the public to visit the workspaces of dedicated artists in the Sonoran Foothills, to learn about the artist's methodology and process and to purchase directly from them in a friendly, engaging atmosphere that showcases quality art. Stay tuned for possible dates in 2021!

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